General Process

Our admissions process and requirements are pretty straightforward and to help you through the process you will be assigned a designated member of our admissions team.

The first thing you will need to do is arrange a campus tour where you and your child will get a full understanding of what we offer and also to meet some of our teachers and students.

Once you have completed a tour you will be given an information pack, which contains the application form that must be returned to us with the application fee of $200. If you need help with any section of the document please contact us as we will not be able to process incomplete applications.


Admission Requirements

The following is a list of requirements that will have to be fulfilled by you and your child in order for admission acceptance to be granted:

  • Student must be Christian or from a Christian family
  • Prove positive attendance and behavior record from previous schools
  • 0 grade average
  • Meet administrator and complete campus tour
  • Proof of previous report cards
  • Results from standardized tests or complete our admission test
  • Statement of recommendation from your local church priest or pastor

graceland8Upon submission of the application and accompanying material we will schedule a second meeting with your child where some of our teachers assess the student for current academic and social skills.


Successful Applicants

Once the final assessment is completed you will be immediately notified of the outcome and the earliest possible start date. In most cases we recommend that students join at the start of an academic year, but there are many situations where this is not possible.

Many of our students join at the start of mid term semester or even during a term. This can often be the case where parents are moving to New Albany and need to enroll their children in a school.

We certainly will not cause any delays in your child being able to join a school, so if you know your are going to move to New Albany and are interested in sending your child to the Christian Academy then do not delay in getting in touch with us. We will help you along the way to make enrollment as straightforward as possible.



Please use our contact section for details and use the form to arrange a meeting, or give our admissions office a call. We are available from Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5 PM.