Wood Work

This is one of the first in a series of student teacher collaborations where we aim to provide specific steps that can be followed by all students to start planning a career in all types of professions. For this post we want to focus on the carpentry profession and John who takes care of our wood workshop is going to provide some insights from his own experiences.

For all those students that come to my wood work class you already know how much fun working with wood can be and many of you come to some extracurricular classes as well and are well underway to having found a new hobby.

carpenterI personally started working with wood when I was just 5 years old, as both my father and grandfather were cabinet makers. For me the joy in working with wood is obvious, and I try to bring that to students in my classes.

More and more students are asking me these days about starting a career as a carpenter or cabinet maker, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to add to our swchool’s website some reference material.


Carpenters are in quite a lot of demand mainly from the construction industry, but also from home improvement projects that are too big or complex for many home owners. Some of the most common work for carpenters is:

  • the design and construction of timber framing for houses,
  • design and build roof structures
  • laying of timber flooring for both residential and commercial purposes

These are by far the most common jobs that a carpenter will encounter and many professionals will specialize in just one of these areas in order to gain efficiencies and very high reputations.

If you want to become a carpenter then you should follow these very simple steps in order to succeed in your future career:

  • Take part in as many wood workshops as your curriculum allows
  • Once you finish high school apply to a technical college for a carpentry course.
  • Do not apply for the cheapest and shortest course, but rather choose one that is industry accredited
  • While in the course, start applying to local carpentry businesses for small part time work
  • Work hard at your first job and put in as much effort as it takes to stand out

Cabinet Making

This is where I spent a lot of childhood and part of my professional and hobby life. You will need to learn to use the same tools as a carpenter, but there are also a lot of high precision tools that you will have to learn.

In many cases cabinet making is a course you take after you have completed basic carpentry training as above. I would highly recommend cabinet making to those of you that have a bit of an artistic flair and like the design that goes into this job.

Here is what I recommend you do to get start in this career:

  • Take part in as many wood workshops as your curriculum allows
  • Once you finish high school apply to a technical college for a carpentry course.
  • Upon completion add on a cabinet making course
  • Start making furniture in your spare time for family and friends to start getting your name out there
  • While in the course, start applying to local cabinet making businesses for small part time work
  • Work hard at your first job and put in as much effort as it takes to stand out

If you would like some further advice just drop by my office or the wood workshop and I will be more than happy to personalize a plan for you and give you some advice.

Woodworking is a great pastime if you like working with your hands. To get started at a project, you simply need a couple of simple tools, hardware, and some simple instruction and also some practice. In time, you may acquire additional tools as well as equipment. Likewise, the more you exercise woodworking, the better at it you will become. There are unlimited possibilities of things  that you can make with this pastime. Instances include clocks, chess boards, flag boxes, as well as toys and furniture, to name a few points.

At Graceland Schools we have a fully equipped wood work shop with very experienced carpenters and cabinet makers. All our students are encouraged to take up some classes here.

Woodworking Devices

Table, radial arm, cut or sliding equipment, and miter saws are several of the devices you will certainly need for woodworking. In addition to saws, you will need blades, planes, rasps, scrapers, clamps as well as several types of jigs. These devices will make your work thrive. Woodworking equipment that you will need also includes joints, screws as well as ball bearings.

Starting With Woodworking

After getting access to the equipment above, and hardware, you will certainly need to select some timber for your project. Once you have the tools, equipment and also timber, you could get going with your first job. One approach to discover how to collaborate with your hands is to make the exact same tiny task again and again until you are pleased with the results. For bigger projects, make one task then proceed to your next task.

Source: Flickr

Understanding Cabinet Making

If you wish to discover woodworking, there are several sources available. They consist of videos, books, websites and also clubs that could all aid you to start with your new classes. Plans that show exactly how you can construct a piece of furniture step by step are readily available from these sources along with hobby stores. Plans are offered for both large and small jobs.

Utilizing Carpentry to Make Gifts

Your can thrill your friends, family and other students with gifts that you made on your own. When you give a hand made present, the person will certainly be receiving something into which you put your time, effort and heart rather than just something you spent your money on at a shop. They will certainly be able to value these gifts for many years to come. If you are dealing with bigger tasks, your friends and family may begin requesting you to build them a table, closet, breakfront, bed or various other furnishing product. Probably you will have the ability to also turn the pastime into a small company. So if you are interested, it is time to get some tools, equipment, and also knowledge to ensure that you could begin on your new pastime.