Welcome to Graceland

Our Mission


Our mission here at Christian Academy Graceland Campus is to combine the efforts of parents, teachers and the church to provide a Christian religious based education. We are fully committed to training young people in all aspects of life in order to shape them into productive, responsible and caring adults.

Our curriculum is designed using lots of feedback from parents to establish a direct involvement of them in the education of their children. We strive to provide growth academically, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially.

From an early stage we will set flexible goals that help children think about their future and how their actions directly and indirectly affect their own lives and those of others.

Because of the close interaction between our staff and the parents of the children and young adults we are able to provide lots of options to help the career paths of everyone who walks in our doors.

This may involve students taking classes geared towards computer sciences to find out whether this is indeed an area they may be interested in. We also have close ties to local hospitals to allow students to learn about the medical professions.

graceland8But there are also students who may not be tending towards a college course, but rather like the idea of learning a trade. Because of our extensive facilities in wood and metal work, as well as electrical and electronic labs, we are able to give kids the opportunity to find out about professions like carpentry, plumbing and welding.

The advantage of this approach is that the vast majority of our graduates are very certain about what they want to do after graduation and do not end up in courses they are not fully happy with.


Our Facilities

In order to give our staff and students the best environment to work and study in we strive to make a large and diverse range of facilities available. This goes for both academic and sporting areas.

graceland11We have a computer lab with the latest technologies including tablets and smart phones. We also have trained staff and regularly have guests from the IT industry who help out with teaching skills from general computer literacy to programming languages.

Our science labs are equipped with a large selection of tools and equipment to allow for a more hands on lab based teaching approach in physics, chemistry, biology and electronics.

Our wood and metal workshops are fully equipped to allow student to explore and learn about some fantastic manual skills that have led many of our graduates into professions like welding and carpentry.

We particularly pride ourselves in our sporting facilities and we have two fully equipped gyms and a sports hall with two full size indoor basketball courts. We also have a football field, which is also used by our hockey team.

graceland7In recent years we invested significantly in our athletics facilities and we have seen a significant increase in interest in the various disciplines. With our two team buses we are able to make sure that all teams can travel to various competitions and games throughout the state.

We strongly encourage you to get in contact with our admissions office to arrange for a guided tour of our facilities and for you and you child to meet some of our staff and students.