We broadly split our faculty staff into these three main academic areas where they specific experience and expertise in both the subjects as well as the developmental stage of the children. On your initial school tour you will meet some of the teachers and students from the specific year that your child will be joining.


Elementary (K-6)

graceland2At the kindergarten level we focus on preparing children for the school and learning environment. This stage focuses on building the foundations of reading, writing and math, as well as getting children ready for the new social environment and the necessary skills that go with it.

From grade 1 through 5 children will progressively be subjected to more complex ideas and tasks, not only involving reading writing and math. At this stage there will be increasing exposure to the sciences and all areas are subject to examinations to assess the progress of the children.

Sports are also a very important factor for this age and we encourage both curricular and extracurricular sporting activities, which we offer in lots of different disciplines. See our Sporting section for more details.


Middle School (6-8)

graceland8This part of education is significantly more intense than elementary and both reading and writing comprehension are taken to higher stages. Math includes complex fractions and geometry and we also incorporate computer programming based maths, as this is something we are encouraging our students to.

Our staff members spend a lot of time in 8th grade preparing kids for high school which will come with a much higher level of intensity. While religious and Bible studies feature in all of our years we do spend a lot more time teaching the morals and social skills from the Bible.


High School (9-12)

graceland10At the high school level there is a strong academic focus that ultimately leads to the diploma. At this stage our career councillors will work with individual students to try and guide them through different paths.

We do not only focus on college level careers as many of our students choose professions like carpentry, plumbing, welding and electrician. Our workshops will allow all students to engage and experiment with many different professions to see whether they like them or not.

This give kids the advantage to make a more educated decision on which path to take once they finish high school. We also have a great computer programming course and ties to community and state colleges where students can get some more exposure to those environments while still in high school.